Automatic Laserwash 360 Plus Touchless Car wash

iClean Carwash has 2 x Automatic Laserwash 360 Plus Touchless Car wash. The first of its type and most advanced touchless car wash system in the Cairns area.

Why Choose Laserwash 360 Plus;

  • Nothing touches cars in a touch free automatic wash, except for chemicals & pressurised water. This greatly reduces any liability for damage during the wash cycle.
  • The water & chemicals are guided by Ultrasonics. This ensures the washing arm can get as close to the car as possible, as well as guiding around the contours of the vehicle ensuring a friction free clean.
  • Brushless car washes have improved their technology, making them quicker & more efficient. Our Laserwash 360 Plus now has wash cycles as quick as 4 minutes.


We have attendants on hand to answer questions and assist between 8am-3pm

*Please note. We are a cashless facility


Can I use cash?

No, we have card only payments available for security reasons and convenience to suit the majority of customers.

Is there an attendant on-site?

Yes, every day between 8am-3pm we have an attendant available to help you.

Can I wash my boat/motorhome/caravan in the self serve car wash?

Yes, for your convenience we have high and wide car wash bays and room to manoeuvre.

Can I purchase tokens for the Automatic Car wash?

Yes, tokens can be purchased for gifts and corporate use